Conference Interpreting


Simultaneous live interpretation in up to 30 languages for any meeting or event. We work with a rich pool of outstanding interpreters in their field and of their respective languages, anywhere in Europe. Outside of Europe we support your meeting or event with advanced telephone and video interpreting solutions.

We facilitate European Works Council meetings from their inception as Special Negotiating Bodies to their regular and extraordinary meetings once an agreement has been signed. We have accumulated a wealth of experience in this field since the adoption of the European Works Council Directive in 1994.


We provide the necessary interpreting and sound equipment together with specialised technicians who set up and operate the microphones, headsets plus interpreter booths in the location and venue of your choice.

Technicians and interpreters work hand in hand to afford participants a seamless listening and speaking experience across all the languages.

Telephone and
Video Interpreting

You want to link up with your stake holders for a quick exchange, perhaps at short notice, and avoid travel time and expense.

We support your conference calls in up to 8 languages simultaneously.

Participants can join from the comfort of their office or home and share the audio channel and screen, while the interpreters work in remote pairs and take turns as they would for f2f meetings. You get the work done.

the Scenes

You would like to find a meeting venue that is easily accessible, boasts top standard meeting facilities, is located in an attractive environment – and available during your meeting dates?

Our work for you behind the scenes includes venue finding and contract closure, presentation production and minute taking.

Our liaison person on site will help you manage any last minute requirements and changes to ensure a smooth and stress-free meeting experience.

Up to the Event Date

How it works?

You request our services for your event.

Our consultant interpreter contacts you to discuss:

  • Languages
  • Style of meeting
  • Meeting room layout
  • Audio-visual requirements
  • Presentation production
  • Minute taking

Venue, Overall proposal

We confirm that the venue you have in mind is suitable or identify a suitable venue for you and prepare a detailed proposal.

  • Finding suitable venue or verifying existing venue is suitable
  • Assessing meeting room capacity and layout restrictions
  • Site visit and/or virtual meeting with site event manager
  • Sending you our proposal including all requirements and suggested solutions

Updates and Contract

Based on your feedback we update our proposal for your final review.
We formally agree all elements of the event/services with you.

Finalising arrangements with our team

We closely work with our interpreters and technicians on logistics

  • Interpreter flights and accommodation are booked
  • Key documents are received and shared, following agreed confidentiality procedure
  • Access and technical installation are agreed with the venue
  • Site personnel and minute taker are updated
  • Emergency procedures are agreed

All elements combine to make your event a success!


We seek your feedback

We perform an internal performance evaluation of all elements involved in the implementation to identify areas of strength and improvement opportunities.

We discuss evaluation results with you and agree on an approach for your next event.

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