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Our mission is to facilitate successful communication across language barriers and cultural divides, to deliver excellence in language services, and to empower our clients to enhance their success in the market place. As a global language service provider with a reputation for innovative solutions and thought-leading processes, Context can look back on 30 years of successful language service history.

Continuous adaptation to evolving market needs and challenges and robust technological processes ensure that Context offers continuity of service to its clients for the long term. International corporations, Government organisations and the medical device industry are prime users of the service.

Clients benefit from our technological innovation, automation and systems integration drive.

Working with us is made easy by the electronic Context back-office with its integrated client and supplier web applications providing a seamless online environment, from booking to quotation, to service delivery and invoicing.

We deliver a time efficient multi-lingual translation process for dynamic websites through the deep integration of content management systems with custom made application programming interfaces. Web content is handed off, processed and published with a few mouse clicks.

Our interpreting services are supported by high calibre specialised equipment and competent technicians. Innovative solutions for telephone and video interpreting are offered for virtual meetings.

To deliver the best possible language solutions to you, we have a strong team of project managers in place who are available to

  • Advise you on translation options, file formats, turnaround times, quality assurance or
  • Interpreting modes, technical solutions and venue options for your meeting.

They deliver an outstanding end-to-end service to you exceeding your expectations.

As part of a global team, Context staff collaborates with professionals from a variety of disciplines: linguists, technical writers, software architects, audio-visual engineers, event managers, and design and print partners. We respect and support the many contractors working with us world-wide, and motivate them to give their best – just as we invest our best efforts to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Context has been ISO 9001 certified since 2003, its quality system is matured and deeply embedded. Everyone at Context takes responsibility for delivering language services according to documented, repeatable processes based on transparent criteria and client feedback.

The quality control vis-à-vis our suppliers rests on the three pillars of (1) meticulous recruitment, (2) targeted training and upskilling, (3) dynamic performance rating for each completed project.

We are also accredited under the international translation standard ISO 17100:2015 which is based on the 4-eye principle involving a tandem of highly qualified and experienced translator and reviser/editor who takes all final linguistic decisions. The proof reader subsequently performs quality checks and enhances the overall appearance of the translated material to mirror that of the original content.

Any quality issues arising are recorded scrupulously and resolved in a timely fashion. They feed into a key reportable quality metric of less than 1% complaints and issues, which the company has met consistently across all language services.

Meet the Team

Martin Beuster

Ulrike Fuehrer
Head of Interpreting
Conference Interpreter (VKD)

Ania Wróbel
Interpreting Project Manager

Laura Crumlish
Translation Project Manager

Damian Killeen
Chief Technical Officer

Magda Ryzewska
Interpreting Project Manager

Emma Beuster
Meeting Solutions Manager

Jessica Doherty
Translation Project Manager

Pascal Euteneuer
Interpreting Project Manager

Gosia Rykowska
Interpreting Project Manager

Daniel Beuster
Translation Project Manager

Kate Dooley
Translation Project Manager

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